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Administration is About an Enthusiasm for Rules, Processes and Procedures, Without being caught up in protocols, forgetting why we came here in the first place.   Click the Vegagroup logo to return to the homepage.
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Hayat Leonardi, Administration & Accounts Manager.
Hayat Leonardi,
Administration & Accounts Manager
Aman Sandhu, Client Care Manager.
Aman Sandhu,
Client Care Manager
Raman Kaur, Administrative Support for Client Care Manager.
Raman Kaur,
Administrative Support for Client Care Manager
Ravneet Kaur, Works Coordinator.
Ravneet Kaur
Works Coordinator
About Vega. Our People, Administration.
Vegagroup administration staff, left to right: Hayat Leonardi, Raman Kaur, Aman Sandhu & Ravneet Kaur.
Vegagroup administration staff, left to right: Aman Sandhu & Ravneet Kaur.
Vegagroup administration staff, left to right: Raman Kaur & Aman Sandhu.
We donít forget why weíre here!
Administration is not all about rules, processes or procedures. It is about an enthusiasm for rules, processes and procedures.
On a daily basis, and within our Vegagroup administrative setting, we avoid getting caught up in the game or ensnared in protocols that we forget why we came here in the first place, our first and grand aspirations, "to be of service."

So we have our little rituals which we follow to get back on track when we find ourselves slipping away from our original aspirations. We regroup, refocus and cultivate the social glue that unites our collected talents and which ultimately leads to our teamís success. Every day, we unfailingly aim to be of service.

Living by our credo, "Your resourceful partner in building and maintenance", each one of us is in service to his or her peers, and internal and external customers. Every day, we aim for excellence in our treatment of one another, in the products and services we develop, and ultimately in our relationships with customers, suppliers and the community at large.
Hayat Leonardi
Administration & Accounts Manager
Hayat joined Vegagroup in 2007, right at the beginning and not long following the crossroad where Vegagroup was rebooted. Back then, Hayat handled most of the back office and administration tasks, running around from one task to another. Most of the time she looked after our team on the road, dispatching work orders, checking on jobs statuses and updating work schedules and timesheets. On another day, you would see Hayat shuffling other responsibilities, from accounts to client relations.

Years on, Hayat developed and grew to become a corner stone within Vegagroup. Her multi-skilled experience gained over the years, coupled with a strong loyalty to the business positioned her well as an indispensable personality, whom our clients and suppliers know and trust.

Today, Hayat plays her ever-important part within the administration staff, overseeing new admin staff with first-hand training on the companyís approach and methodologies. However, her primary task is looking after Vegagroupís accounts department; so basically, the buck stops with her.

Past experience in brief
Hayat exposed herself early to the nature of work life as she took her first job at Coles Merryland in 1996. Her eight years at Coles started at the checkout, progressing to supervisory role then to Customer Service Manager in charge of over thirty staff members.

Her joyful and caring personality made customersí shopping experience more meaningful and enjoyable. Moreover, her friendly and enthusiastic attitude reflected well in her day-to-day managing of her staff training, demands and concerns.

Looking to expand her knowledge and experience more into retail and customer service, Hayat joined The Pine Discounts at North Parramatta in March 2004, directly supporting the store manager in customer and suppliers relationships, as well as various store management duties.

Early 2005, Hayat joined Sanity Entertainment and Virgin Music on a Supervisory / Sales role, with duties divided across three stores, Carlingford, Castle Hill & Macquarie Shopping Centre.
Hayat continued at Virgin Music until late 2006. Thatís when she came to our attention and the rest is history.

On a self-development and personal growth level
In her spare time (If any) she gratifies her penchant for artistic expression by creating uniquely visual and delicately handmade wedding invitations and stationary, carefully designed to impress.
Hayat also enjoys life in the fast lane as a mother of three gorgeous little boys.

Aman Sandhu
Client Care Manager
As Aman puts it, "Our customers donít just engage Vegagroupís services for our unique quality and price ratio, but we go out of our way to keep them in the loop, ever-well informed about where in the process the work is."

Aman knows first hand that our customers donít live in spreadsheets; and for that she constantly talks to them to understand them and listen to their every business needs and concerns.

Ever the strategist, Aman applied herself to a strategy that encompasses all customer touch points across Vegagroup. "Completing the job on time and on budget is not the whole story, thereís more to it and we are surely moving towards a unique, well-managed customer experience", she says.

Priding herself on her conceptual and analytical problem solving skills, Aman uniquely carved her place within our culture since she joined Vegagroup in June 2011.

Past experiences in brief
Without a doubt, your past leads you to where you are today, and your accumulated experiences, however shaped, represents the makeup of your personality in all its peculiar facets.

Amanís work life commenced as a Breakfast Chef with Ikea in 2006. For two years, she was introduced to business beyond the mundane, learning customer service at the frontline, from preparing and serving breakfast for customers and co-workers, to holding swaying customersí attention to new promotions, and even working with ordering and stocktaking.

Then an opportunity came to join Oporto as a Team Leader, directly engaged in customer service, rostering, cash handling & banking as well as food safety and OH&S reports.

But the easy times never last as they soon make way to the new challenges of a new job.
In November 2009, Aman joined Hungry Jackís as an Admin Assistant. The responsibilities expanded and the potential for learning grew multi-fold. From the administration side, Hungry Jackís fast-paced business style and process is something she always dreamed of being in the midst of.
To put it short, the word deadline started to really mean something and accountability was not just a word you put on a resume but you actually live by.

But as the saying goes, you have to keep on moving. Amanís talents and objectives positioned her at the right place and time. Her quest for new experiences started to nag at her and luckily we were somehow able to convince her to join Vegagroup. All we have to do now is keep bringing new challenges for her to master and outgrow.

On a self-development and personal growth level
Aman is an asset to our company. She brings with her an inter-disciplinary, well-founded approach for dealing with people, proactively.

Aman holds a Masters in Literature (2005), Bachelor of Education in Literature, Social Studies & Yoga (2003) and a Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in 2001.
She also has a Diploma in Hospitality Management and a Certificate in First Aid Course.

Raman Kaur
Administrative Support for Client Care Manager
Raman plays the delicate role of bridging between Operations and Customer Service. She joined Vegagroup early 2012, Ramanís role is supporting and facilitating departmental functions reflecting in a smoother customer service experience.

This is a prized role and our intention is to maximise the benefits of both worlds; an operational team busy keeping our clients happy, and an administration support team building on the field successes, facilitating the obstacles out of the way and communicating with our clients in real-time.

This is exemplified in Ramanís own words, "to understand the mental makeup and dynamics so a successful interaction among different people is possible." Ramanís challenges will certainly grow in the next few months as she transitions further into her role, discovering the possibilities and expanding her experiences with our full support.

Past experience in brief
Ramanís first business learning opportunity came in January 2007 with her role at Oporto, The demanding traits of a fast-paced operation instilled in Raman a sense of urgency and a healthy appetite for prioritising and multitasking.

Indeed her interpersonal and customer driven skills were shaped to the companyís unique culture, with her efforts divided out between customer service and back of house duties.

In March 2008, Raman delved more into customer service as she joined the Compass Group PLC, a market leader in providing contract catering (food & support services) that operates in over 50 countries.

Within the Compass Group, she worked as a steward at HMAS Penguin in Balmoral.
A demanding job, providing service in an elaborate and busy environment. HMAS Penguin is a part of the Royal Australian Navyís Systems Command providing trained personnel to the Australian Fleet.

On a self-development and personal growth level
Raman holds a Bachelor of Commerce (2002) coupled with an Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management.
Ravneet Kaur
Works Coordinator
Ravneet directly facilitates and manage the stream of work requests across our company. She is accountable for the proactive logging and handling of incoming work orders with an emphasis on scheduling and trades allocation.

Ravneet joined Vegagroup in mid 2012 and is our newest member. She was chosen for this role for her flexible but process driven approach to review, prioritise and schedule workloads. This ability is especially important in managing work order backlogs during busier than usual times.

On a daily basis, Ravneet coordinates with individual Response Team personnel, discussing their evolving schedules with an emphasis on workload balancing for an on-time response.
Ravneet reports directly to our Client Care Manager, providing vital work orders information in a useful and timely manner for prompt clientís updates.

Past experience in brief
Ravneet first encounter with the world of customer service took place in Rome, Italy where she lived at the time. While studying, she worked at the Himalaya Palace Indian restaurant, located in the Monteverde Quarter near the spectacular villa Pamphili.

As well as looking after the utmost care of customers, she oversaw various quality control aspects, maintaining consistency in food delivery. Ravneet also looked after inventory, liaising with suppliers for incoming goods, purchase orders and receipts with the aim of maintaining proper stock control on a day-to-day basis for a busy establishment.

On a self-development and personal growth level
Ravneet holds a Masters in Environmental Science (2006) and a Bachelor of Science (2001.)

She is an avid reader and a keen athlete. Ravneet is an active participant in team sports; Hockey and Handball being her favourites.

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