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Joe Khoury, Director & Business Development.
Joe Khoury,
Director & Business Development.
Steve Khoury, Special Projects & Quality Control Manager.
Steve Khoury,
Special Projects & Quality Control Manager
Louis El-Agha, Account Manager.
Louis El-Agha
Account Manager
Charlie El-Agha, Client Service Manager.
Charlie El-Agha
Client Service Manager
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Turned-on, impassioned leadership
As we think about what Vegagroup has achieved over the years, we find ourselves asking, "What is the spark that ignites the brave nature of our company? What empowers our people to go beyond the call of duty and still manage to heartily smile in the process? What drives our people to team up for the greater good?"
In a word, the answer is leadership. Passionate leadership is what makes our core principles come alive.

At the core of Vegagroup’s credo and nurtured by the constant support of management, there exists a spirit of liberty and freedom that encourages people to use their imagination, express their individuality, and exercise leadership every step of the way.

By loving our people, celebrating their accomplishments, encouraging them to assume ownership for the success of the business, and treating them with dignity and respect, Vegagroup has courageous employees who are passionate about what they do. The heroism and passion with which they work translates into exceptional client service.

Leading by facilitating
The best job a leader can do is to inspire trust in the followers, managing the obstacles out of their way, and consequently giving them breathing space to carve their individuality and develop the hard skills from the day-to-day chaos. At Vegagroup, we are proud of our team members who work harder, have greater skill, and just as much passion for what they do than anyone else who could fill their role.

As we grow and learn, we understand that great companies are not built on the efforts of one person but on the backs of people who embrace the vision as their own mission; advancing it forward with passion, commitment, and resolve to see it fulfilled.

Joe Khoury
Director & Business Development
Joe Khoury took over as Managing Director in January 2005. A long believer in the company's potential and its position in the marketplace and the community, he was always there, right from the early beginning.
Joe is all about "a can do attitude" that doesn't need validation; a tireless motivator and an unrelenting leader, bringing people into a unified chorus, helping them to appreciate the core of the matter with laser accuracy.

A disciplined marathon runner, Joe is a great believer that a healthy body and mind begins with a strong and stable core.
And when you run marathons, leading a company into a contending position within a tough market becomes natural. “Marathon running endows one with stamina, patience and mastery” Joe comments. "Your desire to continue even when things become too difficult separates you from the average Joe."

Past experience in brief
Joe always flourished on helping the people around him develop to their maximum, subscribing to a leaders’ philosophy, assisting people to surpass themselves in spite of their circumstances.
Never the procrastinator, and very early in his life, he was ever the adventurous and industrious; this had an enormous effect on many of his future business enterprises.

On a self-development and personal growth level
A disciplined marathon runner, and a great believer that a healthy body and mind begins with a strong and stable core, you will find Joe today trailing race events around the world, most recently the Bank of America Chicago Marathon 2012.

A globetrotter, Joe soaks himself in new cultures on a steady basis. Europe and Asia, the Pacific or the Americas, there’s no place on this blue marble where Joe cannot find something special. Although his travel destinations are primarily Marathon related, Joe takes every occasion to explore even beyond what his agile legs can take him.

Joe also adheres to a daily regiment of long-distance swimming. While most of us are still snuggled up in bed, he would’ve finished his fiftieth lap in the pool.

Steve Khoury
Special Projects & Quality Control Manager
Quality is best-witnessed first-hand and when you closely observe Steve at work, you cannot help but realise his namesake title, a special agent for special projects; an ideal representative for the kind of personalities you will encounter at Vegagroup and a quality champion with a knack for ideas-based solutions.

Vegagroup is dedicated to serving the ever-increasing need for focused, quality building works at an affordable cost. And when it comes down to the increasingly interrelated business of building & maintenance, you will find Steve’s well-tested expertise invaluable, and his wide perspective essential to understanding both, through the minds and hands of our people.

Steve’s attention to quality is first-rate with deep product knowledge. He constantly offers fresh original ideas solving problems while easing budgetary constraints. His day-to-day skills served many of our valued past and current clients, Wilson Parking, Hungry Jack’s, Sydney Airport, Burger King, to name a few.

Past experience in brief
Steve amassed first-hand experience by his involvement in wide-ranging works. Especially with Vegagroup, Steve was an active founder of the company during its early days. Over the years, he managed numerous construction and refurbishment projects in retail, commercial and residential.

On a self-development and personal growth level
On and off the field, Steve is a promoter of inventions and a seeker of new ideas. Always unsettled and delving more into new possibilities, he explores various market needs and opportunities.
Both of his personalities, the business and the personal, are intertwined but uncomplicated, but nevertheless, curiosity reigns supreme in both. As Anuj Somany once said, “If need is the mother of all inventions, then curiosity is its genetic father undoubtedly.”

Louis El-Agha
Account Manager
In his day-to-day role as an Account Manager at Vegagroup, Louis is highly client focused. For him, client satisfaction is not enough and he makes sure our clients know they hold our primary attention, while making them enchanted with the service they receive. In the process, Louis moves any obstacle to achieve this, taking personal ownership of the situation at hand until it is resolved to complete client satisfaction.

Louis is a true example that Vegagroup is big enough to cope and small enough to care. Through his creative flair, caring efforts and business development attitude, Vegagroup is rewarded with repeat business and loyal clients.
Louis reports to both our Operations Manager and Quality Control Manager.

Past experience in brief
Louis has been actively involved in the building industry since 1993. Heading his own successful business, he has developed a comprehensive experience in project management, building works and the supervision and delegation of sub-contractors on numerous construction projects.

On a self-development and personal growth level
Ever the believer in expanding his experiences and knowledge, Louis furthered his capabilities at every occasion, making a successful difference in his business affairs.

Looking to sharpen his financial perspective, Louis studied for and achieved Certificate III in Finance & Mortgage Broking. From a practical point of view, he also completed a Mechanical Engineer Trade Diploma as well as a Diploma in Workplace Training and Development followed by a short-course in Building & Project Management.
Louis also holds a Decorating and Design License.

Louis carries an Induction for Construction Work (White Card) and is accredited for Safe Working at Heights. He is a Member of the EWPA (Elevating Work Platform Association of Australia) and trained in Emergency First Aid.

In more ways than one, Louis is an active fundraiser for various causes and he is a member of the Lions Club in Bankstown. As he puts it, "Getting involved is one of many ways to be in touch with the day-to-day affairs of the community, meet wonderful people and build new relationships for a worthwhile cause."

Louis is also a sports enthusiast who often fills his free time with a mix of blood-raising activities. Aside from taking in the occasional game from the comfort of his living room sofa, there are a few activities that certainly get him out of the house for the sheer experience, enjoying them in a new and exciting way with family and friends.

Louis’ good love for the outdoors is only matched by his love for his family and work mission at Vegagroup.

Charlie El-Agha
Client Service Manager
If we take the word service to spell out what it really means, it would help if we place Charlie’s face next to it and the word would be far easier to explain.

Charlie’s role at Vegagroup evolved over the past few years, becoming multifaceted and challenging. Today he is in charge of our clients’ experience, making sure they are serviced as promised in our company’s credo.

A great facilitator and certainly a resourceful personality, Charlie leads and motivates our maintenance team in handling change, building trust and partnership within a high performance team environment.

Based on daily client feedbacks from his MBWA tours, Charlie evaluates the best course of action and galvanizes the required resources to get a grip on the situation at hand. He also ensures that our maintenance team is provided with the proper training, instruction, tools, and methods to perform their jobs without a risk to themselves, others or the environment in which they operate.

In support with this important role, Charlie reports to both our Operations Manager and Quality Control Manager.

Past experience in brief
Charlie is a painter by trade and an experienced handyman. If he could paint the world in rose he wouldn’t hesitate but there won’t be enough paint and it may turn out to be a huge ecological problem. But he’s done a lot of painting before he joined Vegagroup and even much more painting after he joined us. Just before he joined us, he was busy overseeing a team of eighteen painters on a major residential project consisting of 78 apartments.

Charlie’s attitude is his experience and that’s all you need to know. In his own words, "I grew up in a loving family. My parents showed me how to respect others, and most importantly how to embrace life."
By the way, he joined the army reserve in June 1998 serving for a year, where they taught him to be obedient but failed to make him smile less. But he also learned punctuality, to cooperate and certainly to lead especially under pressure.

On a self-development and personal growth level
Charlie is an aspiring marathon runner. His initiation race in self-endurance, the Sunday Telegraph Body+Soul Bridge Run ~ 2012 Blackmores Sydney Running Festival, was his first stride towards the 55,335 step journey.

Always in the pursuit of making the world a better place with his positive outlook on life, Charlie is obviously an incurable optimist, making the best of things that do happen. Have you seen him wearing his natural mo lately and did you ask him what’s going on Charlie? What are you trying to grow bro? A bird’s nest or an eagle’s perch? Just go to Movember and find out for yourself.

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