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Vegagroup is a Life Success Company. We Hire For Best Attitude and Develop for Aptitude. To provide an extraordinary service, we look for extraordinary people.   Click the Vegagroup logo to return to the homepage.
Joe Khoury
Steve Khoury
Louis El-Agha
Charlie El-Agha

Hayat Leonardi
Aman Sandhu
Raman Kaur
Ravneet Kaur

Response Team
Edy El-Agha
Evin Yalda
Elie Ghaleb
Johnny El-Agha
Naji Hallak

Nick Stansell
Salustio Sejas
About Vega, Our People.
Vegagroup continues to hire for best attitude and develop for aptitude.
Our people come first
We are a “Life Success” company. This is Vegagroup in a nutshell.
As we have developed and matured over our years of service in the building industry, it has been our aspiration to provide extraordinary service to our customers. This philosophy inspired us to look near and far for people with the right attitude.

Even more, we understood that our strategy for growth was to place our customers first. But with time and as our experience grew, we became strong believers that for our customers to come first, then the people who serve our customers "come even more first." And there you have it.
Best attitude with aptitude
Vegagroup continues to hire for best attitude and develop for aptitude. The people who joined our company with both qualities are today premier champions at the frontline of the business; listening to our customers and serving them with a relentless will and the spirit of an unpretentious self-starter.
If you are contemplating a career change, from the mundane to the vanguard of service, then you should get in touch with us for a chat. Our team is ever welcoming for self-starters and you never know, this could become the new business journey that you are looking for.

Diversity always wins
Collectively, in all of our personalities and unique backgrounds, we bring to the mix a priceless perspective on the day-to-day questions within our company, especially in exceptional circumstances.
We aim for our diverse team of people to accurately mirror the diversity of the market we serve, and not for the sake of political correctness. Consequently, the decision-making or execution process simply celebrates our diversity at its best.
Diversity always wins, bringing more variety of solutions for higher odds of success.

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