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Edy El-Agha, Site Manager.
Edy El-Agha,
Site Manager.
Evin Yalda, Site Manager.
Evin Yalda,
Site Manager.
Elie Ghaleb, Maintenance Coordinator & Technician.
Elie Ghaleb,
Maintenance Coordinator & Technician
Johnny El-Agha, Maintenance Coordinator.
Johnny El-Agha,
Maintenance Coordinator
Naji Hallak, Certified Electrician.
Naji Hallak,
Certified Electrician
About Vega. Our People, Response Team.
Vegagroup's Site Manager Evin Yalda. All in a day's work for peace of mind.
Vegagroup's Maintenance Coordinator & Technician Elie Ghaleb welding stronger relationships.
Quality and character of the frontline
We are talking here about Vegagroupís frontline stalwarts, our people, who loyally serve our ever-so precious clients with a terrific attitude.

Our frontline people are living advertisements to our company. They are an energetic response team where every person is a message. They arenít afraid to be a little offbeat, work hard, be courteous and responsive, smile more and have a lot of fun.
From site managers, to maintenance coordinators or trades and leading hands, anyone who has one-on-one contact with our clients understand that every interaction is an opportunity to promote our undivided concern and add value to the clientís experience.
In most cases, these people are the only memory clients will have of our company.

Basically, Vegagroup has credibility in the market because we tell people what we are going to do and then we do it. Weíve helped our customers feel more strongly about us, and weíve helped our people because they are excited about what we are doing out there in the marketplace, and they feel more strongly and more proud of whom they are and what they are part of.

For one thing you can be certain of; the human-capital tenet at Vegagroup is not in short shrift.
Edy El-Agha
Site Manager
Whatís important to Edy? He is known for his passion to combine special job management skills with a credible notion of industry expertise.

Edy joined Vegagroup in 2006, where he ambitiously worked through obstacles and demonstrated exceptional leadership skills. Today he strives to find the best solution to impart by incorporating planning, scoping, scheduling, workforce allocation and budgeting to consistently exceed project expectations.

Edy prides himself on his determination and vision. This reflects in the level of responsibility he places himself under. An integral part of Vegagroupís team, Edy reports directly to our Operations Manager.

Past experience in brief
Call them milestones if you wish but Edy is committed to the hands-on method, approaching new experiences with courage and leadership, while learning the latest industry developments, sharing the knowledge and working together with his team.
Following finishing school in 1999, Edy joined the family painting business, gaining experience as a seasoned painter. While busy delivering a painting project in 2006 as head painting contractor for 75 apartments in Pymble, circumstances called and thatís when the relationship with Vegagroup began.

On a self-development and personal growth level
Edy aims to achieve a broader expertise in the building and maintenance industry. A charismatic personality blended with a sense of humour is his key to getting across to the people he works with.

He has a Diploma in Painting (Skills and techniques of observational painting). He also holds an Induction for Construction Work (White Card) and is accredited for Safe Working at Heights. Edy is a Member of the EWPA (Elevating Work Platform Association of Australia) and is also trained in Emergency First Aid.

A lover of all sorts of sports, Edy loves watching the footy, a game of tennis and golf.
Have we mentioned that heís a die-hard supporter of St George Illawarra Dragons, never missing a game, rain, hail or shine.

Evin Yalda
Site Manager
When Evin joined Vegagroup in 2008, he certainly wasnít looking to fill his spare time with just a job. Highly ambitious, hardworking and a good learner, Evin has done in just four years what it usually takes some people twice as long to do.

Without giving away too early the good story of Evinís achievements, Evin prides himself on being the student with the best mentors opportunity has placed him amongst; "I had the best mentors, Joe and Steve were amazing. They saw my hard work and took the time to coach me through, steering me through my experience."

At this stage, Evinís ambition is to become an outstanding Construction Project Manager, and in a way, he has already lived some of that dream. He site-managed various projects for Vegagroup, from minor and major refurbishments to full construction, delivering projects for KFC and Hungry Jackís throughout Sydney and Regional NSW.

Past experience in brief
While still in school, Evin worked part-time with Vegagroup. Following his HSC in 2006, he chose to pursue a full-time career in construction. Evin quickly found a job with various companies who were willing to take him on despite his youthful look and clean nails. As he puts it, "It was very hard work, long-hour days, sleepless nights and stressful projects. But I took to the opportunity with both hands and welcomed the added responsibility with a brave attitude."

A major work experience opportunity came in 2008 when he worked as Head-Labourer on the $180 million Quest World Square project in Haymarket Sydney (Saab Corp was the principal contractor.) Following completion, Evin officially joined Vegagroup in 2009 and the rest is history.

On a self-development and personal growth level
Fresh out of high-school, Evin studied for a Diploma of Business Management at Liverpool TAFE.

Moreover, and seeking to learn basic truths, Evinís has an unruffled attitude towards learning and social interactions.

Evin likes to travel, and whenever the chance arises he takes the opportunity. For now, his favourite destination cities are Melbourne and Brisbane, having visited them both on multiple occasions.

Elie Ghaleb
Maintenance Coordinator & Technician
Elie is our frugal experimentalist with a great disposition for resourcefulness and client rapport. If youíve met Elie, you will immediately appreciate his approach, and of course, his French accent which he cannot get rid of, no matter how hard he tries (Obviously the upshot of his French education.)

In his own words, "I have a knack for refurbishment and maintenance work, it feels right for me."

Today he is involved in a supervisory role across Vegagroupís projects, coordinating trades through the various stages of a project.
Moreover, his on-the-job experience, accumulated over the years, lends itself well to his hands-on approach while complementing his leadership development.

Past experience in brief
Prior to forming his own company, Elie commenced his work for J&S Enterprises in 1999 as Wall & floor Tiler, until 2003, where he founded Elicho, becoming working Director. He delivered projects for various construction companies on various sites (McDonaldís, Sydney Airport, Coles etc.)
Vegagroup was amongst his clients and thatís when he came to our attention through his assiduous attention to quality and novel approach to solving construction problems.

On a self-development and personal growth level
Elie studied for a Bachelor of Physics (2 years) and in 1997 switched for a Diploma of Civil Engineering (2 years) without graduating in either due to events beyond his control. In 2003, he obtained Certificate III from TAFE NSW in General Construction (Wall & Floor Tiling.)

In earlier days, Elie worked as an apprentice electrician during summer breaks. This was followed by a job as full-time practicing electrician for over two years.

When not fishing for the big one while following up on World News, you will find Elie enjoying Soccer and Rugby League.e El

Johnny El-Agha
Maintenance Coordinator
Johnny made his way through the ranks on several projects within Vegagroup and for various clients. His role evolved and his degree of responsibility widened from one project to the next. Today, Johnny plays the role of Maintenance-coordinator, reporting to our Clients Service Manager.

In his day-to-day work, Johnny is either hands-on or busy coordinating trades for all kind of repair works on our clientsí sites at various CBD locations. He oversees maintenance scheduling, making sure quality standards are maintained while resolving associated challenges.

Within his role, and vital to the successful daily operations, Johnny also performs preventive maintenance (PM) as well as following prescribed maintenance tasks.

Past experience in brief
Ever the hands-on and choosing to move towards the practical aspects, Johnny dropped out of TAFE in 2010 to seek on-the-job experience. He joined various companies and filled his time with all kinds of work, widening his scope and understanding of various responsibilities on a work site.

On a self-development and personal growth level
Immediately following high school, and aiming to gain or enhance his qualifications, Johnny studied for a Diploma of Project Management at St George College, but stopping a year later.

If youíre a Bulldogs fan, then Johnny mustíve been on your radar as a promising and upcoming player. A Rugby League natural, he played for the Bulldogs since the age of sixteen.
As he puts it, "It was my calling to make my mark on the game." A most promising talent to come through the Bulldogs juniors, he showed early talent in the Harold Matthews Cup 2007, scoring a brilliant try to clinch the first ever victory for the Bulldogs. In the following years and by 2009, Johnny sustained enough wrist and knee injuries to keep him indefinitely off the field.

In his own words, Johnny is a tech geek whoís constantly fascinated by all aspects of tech wizardry. He prides himself on being an experienced avid gamer.

Naji Hallak
Certified Electrician
Najiís ability to work across a broad range of systems and facility types makes him an asset for Vegagroup. Naji prides himself on his impeccable quality and communication skills for superior outcomes.
He effectively communicates with clients and colleagues and is regularly commended on his professional approach to work ethic, reliability, punctuality and problem solving skills.

Past experience in brief
Naji worked as an electrical contractor for over fifteen years, covering residential, industrial and commercial projects.
A director of Sydney Electrical Technology, Naji performed a multitude of projects for Vegagroup over the past twelve years, during our early days with Burger King and Hungry Jackís restaurants. This progressed into a more continual association with our company.

On a self-development and personal growth level
At the age of 18, Naji joined Granville TAFE studying for his electrical certification, graduating in 1999. Not the one to waste time, he immediately went into business heading his own company which eventually grew to a team of five electricians.

Considering his vocational training, Naji also works on neon and LED signage. He is also a Licensed Data Cabling Installer (Open Registration.)
Naji is also accredited to design, install, set up, test, fault find, repair and maintain grid connected photovoltaic systems (PV) and the associated equipment.

Naji is quite a technical handyman, filling his spare time with various pursuits. But when not connecting end-to-end systems, Naji plays soccer and enjoys English Premier League. Above all, he always looks forward to another live soap cast of a UEFA Champions League Soccer match.
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