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Safety is all About an Act of Thoughtfulness to One’s Approach to Work. The practice of dogmatic thoughtfulness is what makes our awareness to safety top of mind.   Click the Vegagroup logo to return to the homepage.
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Nick Stansell, WH&S Officer.
Nick Stansell,
WH&S Officer
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Vegagroup's Safety Officer Nick Stansell. Service without the barriers.
Vegagroup's Safety Officer Nick Stansell at work, towards safety, one step at a time.
The rule that's not meant to be broken!
Safety is all about an act of thoughtfulness to one’s approach to work. And the practice of dogmatic thoughtfulness is what makes “awareness to safety” top of mind at Vegagroup.

Taking safety for granted in a day-to-day work situation is usually caused by the ubiquity of “common sense”. It is easy to fool oneself, hence belittling the potential dangers inherent in a work situation. Laziness can play a part too, but most importantly, rashness and old dogma rules instead of approaching a situation in a calculated risk fashion.

For example, today’s work sites are slightly different from the past. Indeed there are the traditional tools and materials, pulleys and wheelbarrows. But there are also electrified power tools equipped with the grunt to help finish the job faster and more accurately.
So imagine a good ol’ carpenter who always used regular hand tools, upgraded to the new power tools without upgrading his safety mentality (Because that’s what he learned all his life, father to son.) This fictitious carpenter would be a tragedy waiting to happen. A tragedy for everyone!

Safety is not a debatable issue, and shouldn’t be if the proper understanding and awareness are made available to everyone, management and employees. Vegagroup takes this very seriously.

Good safety positively affects our people’s attitudes; our clients’ perception of our work, the outcome of our work and certainly the bottom line. Everyone’s winning. Bad safety feels like living next to the neighbour from hell that nobody wants. Have you lived next to one?
Nick Stansell
WH&S Officer
An accomplished Industrial Rope Access specialist, Nick is a WH&S officer who looks death in the eyes on a daily basis and lives to tell the story.
But when you ask Nick about the contrast between both personalities, a WH&S officer promoting safety concepts and working in a high risk environment, you’ve come to the right person and prepare yourself for a solid head-to-head, exerting the topic to its logical conclusions.

Nick commenced working with Vegagroup in 2007, and his role evolved over the years, reflecting from one extent to the other the degree and depth of his multi-skills. On various occasions, he was our Project Supervisor and Site Assistant Manager and today, our celebrated WH&S Officer.

Past experience in brief
Nick’s passion was first in electronics. Following high school, Nick joined JPL Electronics on an apprenticeship which he completed in full, obtaining a Diploma of Electrical Communications & IT Components four and a half years later.

The love for adventure got hold of Nick no long after and in 2000, he bid his electronics career farewell and commenced a new adventure, Industrial Rope Access. For a period of two years, he worked for various companies until establishing his own, Advanced Solutions Group or ASG for short.

On a self-development and personal growth level
Recreational yachts racing for over 16 years including competing in Sydney to Hobart yacht races, Nick’s love for the big outdoors shines on water or dry land. When not racing on a super-maxi yachts in the Sydney to Hobart, Nick nurtures his love for nature and family on a 2,500 acres farm nestled in the hills of Mudgee, peacefully surrounded by over 600 heads of super merino sheeps and three horses. Wait a minute, if you spend some time looking after 600 sheeps you know it’s nothing close to peace but you get the drift.
It’s nature all the same and the busyness of nature is a far cry from the busyness of city life. Ask anyone who lived on a farm and Mudgee is an ideal place to start.

On a sidenote, if you follow the 2DayFM Kyle and Jackie O Show, Breakfast with the Stars, you would’ve certainly heard of Nick. He was engaged to stage abseiling down the exterior of Novotel, Darling Harbour for the Amazing Race in June 2012. You can even watch the whole episode here on youTube.

As you would expect, Nick’s list of certifications is quite long so here we go:-
Certificate IV electronics and communications (Diploma Graduate); Industrial Rope Access; Certifications Levels 1, 2 & 3 completed in 2000; Industrial Rope Access Vertical Rescue Competency; Approved Eight Safety Installers; Apply Emergency First-aid; Emergency First Responder Competency; Safe Working in a Confined Space Certification; Confined Space Permit Issuer; Safe Working at Heights Ticket "Operators Cert" Authorised to Use Height Safety Systems at Height; Safe Working at Heights Ticket "Equipment Inspector Cert" Authorised to Inspect and Tag PPE Equipment; Safe Working at Heights Ticket "Manager Cert" Authorised to Devise and Issue Work Permits for Heights; Complete Courses in Managing Fall in the Workplace and OH&S Compliance; Elevating Work Platform Certification

Salustio Sejas
WH&S Consultant
Through his company, Ensafe Planning Solutions, Salustio keeps our WH&S documentations, methods & procedures in compliance.
Moreover, they provide site-specific Management Plans for all of our work sites.

Vegagroup engaged Salustio’s services from our early days and his approach proved in-line with our philosophy.

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