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What collaboration does, you cannot do alone. Vega has an affinity for small suppliers. Small in size but giant in their niche market.   Click the Vegagroup logo to return to the homepage.
We’re connectors… But we are not a communications company.
Why Choose Vega? We're connectors.
We’re connectors… But we are not a communications company.
Access to suppliers.
Vega is a smart sourcer. We collaborate for your benefit. If we can't service it, we'll find the best party that can.
We were recently asked to urgently assist a nationwide company with the installation of a car counting system at the entrance to one of their newly opened premises in order to measure the success of their venture.
The request was unique; such equipment was not readily available in the market. Vega sourced suppliers, and like a domino effect, from one lead to another, we finally located the importer and discussed what we needed.
Shortly thereafter, we were able to provide the client with a costing for two options. The client authorised the installation that same day and the work was undertaken the next working day.
Final outcome
Our client described it as follows; ".We expected to do more ourselves in terms of direct liaisons with suppliers and the chaos it could bring with it on a short notice. Vega understood our business well enough to solve this issue reliably. And the price was right."
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