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We’re a sweetener… But we are not in beverages.
Why Choose Vega? We’re a sweetener.
We’re a sweetener… But we are not in beverages.
Client relationships.
The sweetening effect can be explained as “Exciting Requirements” beyond your expectations. Its absence doesn’t dissatisfy; its presence excites.
A car crashed into the drive thru window of a fast food outlet. Luckily no one was hurt, but the damage caused by the accident dramatically affected the drive thru operation, and created inconveniences for customers.
On the same day, Vega was contacted to assess the damage and provide estimate for the completion timeline and costs. Considering the extent of the damage, the client's initial idea for bringing up this part of the store was "a couple of weeks." This estimate is conservative given the damage factor, and the various trades involved. So Vega assumed the role of project manager, coordinating specialist services.
Following our assessment, and after consulting with the appropriate tradespeople and suppliers, we informed our client that completion time is expected by the next day!
Our tradespeople showed up by lunchtime and proceeded to clearing the debris and securing the damaged area for that day. The required trades for this repair work were as follows; Demolition and removal of damaged areas; Glazing/aluminium for windows & frames; Building works (stud walls and fibro sheeting); Water proofing; Electrical; Painting. By establishing a headquarter on location directing specialists efforts around the clock, the actual repairs work started early 6:00am the next day, and all the trades involved showed up as scheduled.
The drive through window was ready before lunchtime.
Final outcome
In the words of the excited project manager and the store manager, "It started out as an unfortunate accident and an obvious setback to our operations. But the grim situation was reversed as Vega took on the ambitious restoration. Within only hours of their starting, you could see the drive thru area shaping up again for service.and I clearly remember their main concern was how to bring us from the setback, all without taking advantage of this misfortune."
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