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We walk the plank everyday… But we are not acrobats.
Why Choose Vega? We walk the plank everyday.
We walk the plank everyday… But we are not acrobats.
Agility and performance.
When a Vega team goes to work, no time is lost. We never have to learn the ropes. Our professionals are 100 percent dedicated to making our processes work for our customers. Their expertise is insurance that every step – from project initiation to implementation to follow-up support – will be seamless, efficient and cost effective.
A leading company recently moved its area office to a new location. Vega was requested to undertake the fit-out works, which had to be completed in a very short period so that the clients work pattern would not be disrupted.
Vega undertook the challenge to design and construct the new office to fit with the client's few days timeline,. A project manager responsible for the ultimate success of the project was immediately assigned. The task was to co-ordinate day-to-day actions and keeps the client within our knowledge circle.
Final outcome
The works were undertaken on time and within budget. The client moved into their new premises flawlessly.
As the client puts it, "We selected Vega because they had a workable solution within the timeframe. Others had solutions too, but were not as agile and flexible as Vega's.Usually the time frame for this kind of project is late and the budget is blown. Vega did not let that happen and it was the best move ever."
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