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Projects | News blogcasting 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Projects | News blogcasting 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
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Projects | News Blog 2009.
Projects | News blogcasting 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
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26 Restaurants
December 2009
Project Management:Beraldo Design
Brief:Roll-out of Exterior Menuboards in drive-thru area
Info:The goal behind this project was to provide a more flexible two-sided menuboards system, where it can be rotated according to the purpose, showing one of two faces. Moreover, the location of the existing menuboards was far from the speaker box, hence making the drive-thru ordering process a bit tedious. So the new location was now conveniently closer.
Stretched throughout metro areas and country, this project was carried out in two stages. On the first run, we established the footings and roughed in for power cabling. The second stage involved the removal of the existing menuboards and installing the new, connecting power and make good for the surrounding garden & landscaping.
Time to complete:Dec 2009 - Jan 2010
Steve posted this on 27/01.

Vegagroup implemented the rollout of the new drive-thru rotating menuboards in 26 KFC restaurants across NSW.The new rotating menuboards are positioned for maximum viewing.The new rotating menuboards are now closer to the blue speaker box.Eric is a motivated member of the Vegagroup Maintenance Team. Here standing next to the old drive-thru menuboard.
Hungry Jack's
Penrith & Kingswood restaurants
November 2009
Client:Competitive Foods Australia Pty Ltd
Project Management:Beraldo Design
Brief:Minor refurbishment of both Penrith & Kingswood restaurants
Info:Minor refurbishments are usually addressed with a specific action method. The scope is usually of various dimensions and entailing different areas, in both the interior & exterior of both restaurants.
Dining areas indoor/outdoor were laid with new tiles replacing the old. Tables & seats in various spots of the restaurants were re-installed, upholstery repaired and replaced in some sections, the front counter area modified, the drinking station area extended with a new stainless steel extension, the playgrounds fence replaced and repaired where needed. A complete painting of interior & exterior highlighted the newly installed and repaired elements.
The landscaping also benefited from this uplift with an entirely new greener surround to uplift the spirit of diners; better trimmed hedges, various plants, shrubbery and flowers further adding to the final touches.
The refurbishment and upgrade aimed to enhance the existing decor and meet the expectations of the local community of diners, especially from a well-known fast food icon as Hungry Jackís.
Throughout the project, Vegagroup has worked closely with our loyal suppliers to guarantee a timely delivery. This is coupled with an emphasis on astute communication methods with the project management team at Beraldo Design to make sure a very successful refurbishment is achieved & exceeded for our client.
Time to complete:Nov 06 2009 - Nov 28 2009
Evin posted this on 29/11.

Hungry Jack's logo.
Seven Hills
October 2009
Client:Centro Properties Group
Project Management:Vegagroup
Brief:Make goods, Painting & electrical works at Best & Less
Info:After inspecting the projectís brief and in full consultation with our client, a comprehensive inspection of the premises was undertaken resulting in a detailed written report covering required actions to bring the Best & Less store back to its state at lease commencement.
The site was made safe with the removal and relocation of the existing switchboard. Existing circuits were extended and redirected to a consolidation point and reconnected to the new 24 & 12 pole switchboards.
Data & phone cables were redirected as well. All Remnants of old fixtures were removed, from equipment to furniture and signs. All works were performed after hours, especially due to the demolition involved.
The make good process covered all walls, ceilings and floors. Trades involved included gyprocking & electrical.
Time to complete:Oct 18 2009 - Oct 22 2009
James posted this on 23/10.

Centro Properties Group logo.
AMP Capital Investors
Angel Place
September 2009
Client:AMP Capital Investors
Project Management:Vegagroup
Brief:Annual facelift in common areas at level 31 including fire stairs walls, ceilings & corridors
Info:Facelifts are something else altogether. Everyone goes into a facelift project with a notion of a surprised ending, an anticipation of difference. It is strange that, even when you facelift certain areas of a building, still with the same colour, they look totally anew. Perhaps itís the smell of new paint that gives the effect of newness, like the interior of a new car.
Our brief wasnít totally restricted to painting, itís a facelift, remember? So for few days, our team of six dedicated Vegagroup painters, passionate about the details wailed the hours away from 9pm until 6am before the office occupants showed up for work. The results were excellent and the effort was truly rewarded with our clientís impressive feedback.
Time to complete:Sep 27 2009 - Sep 29 2009
Louis posted this on 30/09.

AMP Capital Investors logo.
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